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The Dawn of the Amazon

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Camping 2 nights
4 days and 3 nights

1 day

We take a car in order to go to Nauta Town , and it will take to get there 1 hour and 30 minutes, we pick our guest at their hotel or airport.

There is a short walk throught the market in order to know about what kind of products people sell.
We will sail Marañon river and also get a tipycal boat to the Reserve Pacaya samiria for 3 hours of journey, and later we will get into a small comunity which is called “Buenos Aires”.

There will be rooms in that comunity where we will sleep.

Lunch 3:00 pm we go out for pink and gray dolfin watching.

Dinner 7:00 pm After that we will have a night jungle walk for watching nocturnal animals such as: Tarantulas, frogs, snakes, etc.

We sleep at the comunity.

2 day

8:00 am breakfast.

We sail up river pucate (3 hours) for camping.
Jungle walk to get to see medicinal plants and also see monkeys, frogs, etc.
Pirhana fishing and other fishes.

Dinner at the camping area.
After that we explore to wach caimans and nocturnal birds.

Sleep at the eco-lodge.

3 day

5:30 am wake up early in the morning, in order to watch the dawn and also listen the birds.

Pirhana fishing and other fishes.

Jungle walk and also boat ride to get to see medicinal plants of the Amazonia and also to see some animals tracks such as tapirs, capibara, etc.

Night Jungle hike for listening frogs, birds, etc.

4 day

6:00 am way back to Buenos aires (3 hours)

Way back to Nauta and Iquitos.

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